Fresco Finishes Product Line

Our line consists of three products, manufactured from limestone originating from ancient quarries in St. Astier, France. The natural purity of the lime deposits in this region combined with an innovative use of developing mineral processing technologies has resulted in a level of product consistency and quality unattainable in ages past.

    • Le Décor LimeStone LD and LDHP - Applied as a mortar, cures and dries returning to a limestone state once again, lending itself to all possible limestone finishes.
    • Le Décor LimePlaster LDS - Authentic traditional interior/exterior stucco used in Europe since Roman times.
    • Le Décor LimeFloor LDF - With the same finish capacity as Le Décor LimeStone, this product has been specifically formulated for use as a flooring material.

 Le Décor LimeStone ® LD and LDHP

Le Décor LimeStone ® LD is a patented mineral composition, based upon natural hydraulic lime. Once mixed with water and put in contact with air, Le Décor LimeStone completes the lime cycle process and returns to its primary state of being limestone, completely free of any chemical additives. This is a pure limestone mortar and can be used both for ornamental or restoration purposes. It can be projected, recreating stone on walls, or cast molded, and sculpted. Le Dé cor LimeStone ® LD lends itself to traditional carving techniques as well as for finishes ranging from split-face, rough-to honed.

  • Recreates exact limestone finishes that can match most any texture and color.
  • Unique limestone mortar based on natural hydraulic lime.
  • Can be carved, cut, sculpted, or polished.
  • Applied by machine or by hand from 3/8" to 2" thicknesses. Thicker applications cast with our specialized HP formula.
  • Coverage varies: approx. 4-to-5 lbs. per sq. ft. per 3/8" thicknesses.
  • 2 coat system: scratch coat + finish coat.

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 Le Décor LimePlaster ® LDS

Le Décor LimePlaster ® LDS is the authentic traditional lime plaster used in Europe for centuries past. This product, as all our products, is based upon natural hydraulic lime, and is free of any chemicals such as acrylics, resins, etc. Natural oxides provide the means for obtaining an unlimited range of colors. The product durability has been proven to be unsurpassed by any other type of plaster or stucco.

  • Limestone plaster, used for interior or exterior applications with unique textures, smooth finishes.
  • Based on natural hydraulic lime.
  • Wide range of colors available that may be integrated or applied with our lime paint.
  • Applied by machine or by hand on a mortar base coat. Thicknesses vary 1/4" to 3/8".
  • Coverage varies: approx. 3-to-4 lbs. per sq ft.

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  Le Décor LimeFloor ® LDF

Le Décor LimeFloor ® LDF is a mortar made of natural hydraulic lime, used for exterior and interior limestone floors. Interior uses lend themselves well to honed finishes. Sidewalks, pedestrian streets, cycling paths, or walkways are just some of the exterior applications where rougher textures would be used.

  • Economical limestone mortar used indoors or outdoors for limestone flooring with a wide range of colors available
  • Applied or poured on a concrete subfloor.
  • Thicknesses of 3/4" to 4".
  • Coverage varies: approx. 4 lbs. per sq. ft. per 3/8" thickness.
  • Important: Concrete subfloor designed to withstand required loads.

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